FMZO Office <>
Mon, Feb 13, 9:06 AM (2 days ago)

Dear Buddha Dharma University Family,

As you may know by now, the Five Mountain Zen Order was never dissolved, and BDU was never transferred to other person or entity. BDU remains the legal property of Five Mountain, the Nevada nonprofit corporation that Ven. Wonji formed in 2012.

Last year, some well-meaning individuals removed key assets from FMZO and BDU without legal authority to do so. We are working with them to return the two BDU websites, course documents, and grade records. Having personally met the people involved, I’m optimistic that they will help us move forward.

I hope that BDU can honor the classes that were offered last Fall and this year under the BDU name. However, I cannot guarantee that until we review the course content. We already have the historic records of BDU, and as far as we can tell, we have the entire record of past grades, student records, etc. up through December 2021.

As far as possible, we will keep BDU operating without interruption. We have exciting plans for the future of BDU, including ways to transfer credits from other institutions, higher quality courses, and a simplified domain name.

On a personal note, you may be wondering how I ended up with this job. Sometime in late 2020 or early 2021, Ven. Wonji asked me to consider becoming Chancellor of BDU. At that point, I was working too many hours and didn’t have the time it would take. I declined, assuring him that I would love to do so at some future point. Finally, I have time. As for my qualifications, I’ve been a college professor since 2005 and was the Department Chairperson for Criminal Justice at UEI College. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at the Permian Basin and a Doctorate in Law from Western State University College of Law.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via our official email address: I’m always happy to speak with you.

Ven. Dr. Myodo Jabo
Chancellor, Buddha Dharma University

FMZO Office <>
Tue, Feb 14, 12:02 PM (1 day ago)
Dear Scott,

We understand that you reached out to Ven. Myodo to let her know that you are hosting our Buddha Dharma University websites ( and on your webservers. We are deeply grateful for letting us know this.

As the corporate board of Five Mountain, we are writing to ask you to please preserve our assets and ensure no one accesses either website or uses any of the content including using Moodle or sending or receiving emails using accounts associated with either of our domains. To this end, to minimize your involvement in future, we are asking you to please supply us with the login details for the two websites on your webserver since this way we can ensure ourselves that the assets are safe.

We also attach the letter than Five Mountain’s attorneys wrote to Leigh, Anthony and the Reflecting Moon Zen Church. You can see the attorneys asked that all our assets be preserved, no use be made of them, and that the passwords and login details be given to us. Leigh and her nonprofit have not replied, and Anthony has replied only to claim he has no connection whatsoever with Five Mountain, Buddha Dharma University or Reflecting Moon. He also maintains he has no passwords to give to us and says that “the others” have everything – although he hasn’t said who he means by “the others.” We assume he means Leigh, but perhaps he is including you in this, too.

There is no doubt that Five Mountain owns the two BDU domains and websites, and all Moodle content, etc. In the lower left corner of the website it clearly states that in 2012 when the Five Mountain nonprofit was formed, BDU was transferred to Five Mountain. If you have the login details and password(s) for the Five Mountain GoDaddy account for our two domains, then we ask that you email those passwords and details to us at this time. We believe from Ven. Wonji’s records that the Five Mountain GoDaddy account is #22603349. We trust you agree with us that giving us the details is the right thing to do and that it would not be appropriate for you to feel you need to ask either Leigh or Anthony’s permission to do so.

Thank you again for reaching out to Myodo about this and we hope this can all be resolved swiftly and amicably.

Yours in the Dharma,
Wonju, Gwondu & Ven. Jinhye
Wonju Prajna (Rose Walker), Secretary
Gwondu Prajna (Ian Cyrus), Treasurer
Ven. Jinhye Seondo (Tim Langdell), President
Five Mountain Zen Order, a Nevada Nonprofit Corporation

attachment 2023.02.03 Five Mountain Zen Demand Letter

Scott See <>
Feb 14, 2023, 1:54 PM (23 hours ago)
to Scott, office, bcc: Jeonchan

It’s good to meet you all.  I am most likely one of, “the others” though perhaps I flatter myself.  I’m not in a position to reply in depth as I’m at the gym right now.  But I promise I will dig into this.   I know I can’t comply with some of your requests as the winter quarter is underway, so many people will be accessing the site for another seven weeks or so.  Myself included.  I’m determined to get through the Lotus Sutra course this time.  Life got in the way and this is my sixth time taking it.  Though in my defense, last quarter my quizzes disappeared which sent me back to square one once again.   I think it had to do with my being an admin and a student.  Permissions get very complex in Moodle.  Moodle is a wonderful teacher as it strains my patience at times.

At any rate, good to meet you and I’ll reply with more information.


FMZO Office
Feb 14, 2023, 2:08 PM (23 hours ago)
Hello Scott,

One key concern we have is that until BDU is back in our control, as it should be, we cannot say that any classes being taken in BDU will count as actual BDU courses since they are not being taken when BDU is run by FMZO. Students may have to take the classes all over again once we regain control, which we would very much like your help to avoid if possible.

We cannot guarantee that we can recognize for grade purposes any class taken while Leigh has been controlling our BDU websites or our Moodle database, since Leigh never had any authority from Five Mountain to offer any classes pretending to be genuine BDU ones. This is the other reason to get control back to us as soon as possible so that we can consider whether the current classes will actually count as BDU ones. It is urgent that we get the passwords please, in part so that Myodo can look into whether BDU will recognize any classes being taken that people think are BDU classes when in fact, because we are not offering them, they are not.

Hopefully we can get the passwords sent to us today, or worse case tomorrow, so that we can then be in a position to hopefully reassure people that the current winter quarter classes will be recognized as actual BDU ones.

Looking forward to hopefully hearing from you later today.

Scott See <>
Feb 14, 2023, 2:26 PM (22 hours ago)
My first thought is that a student might retake a class if they thought there was something to attain.  What a great teaching opportunity.

One question for you.  To whom am I replying?   Tim?   If so, it’s good to meet you.  I’ve heard good things about you.

I’m positive I won’t get the info you request to you today.  It will take me some time to do my due diligence.   And I will have many questions.

Looking forward to working with you towards a resolution in which everyone ends up happy.


FMZO Office
Feb 14, 2023, 3:08 PM (22 hours ago)
Thanks Scott. We are looking to have a new BDU announcement go out today/tomorrow that clarifies the situation regarding the classes.

Right now, there are no BDU classes being offered in the winter quarter since only classes offered by Five Mountain would be genuine classes. And we are not currently offering any classes since we don’t have control at this time of our own websites in order to offer any classes. And we haven’t authorized anyone else to offer BDU classes at this time on our behalf. Anyone who has access to our websites or to our Moodle database is not doing so with our authorization. It’s probably important that anyone taking classes right now knows that they are taking classes that are not genuine BDU classes. Which we appreciate is going to be confusing for people, hence our being keen to get a resolution to this as soon as reasonably possible.

We should also clarify to anyone teaching right now that what they are teaching are not actual real BDU classes.

Hoping to hear from you soon, especially since Leigh is apparently refusing to respond and Anthony is denying any of this has anything to do with him.

FMZO Office
Tue, Feb 14, 5:20 PM (19 hours ago)
Dear Buddha Dharma University Family,

Thank you to those of you who have contacted me directly. Based on the conversations I’ve had with “BDU” students, I realize there may be some confusion.

To be clear, all classes currently being offered through the “BDU” website are not genuine BDU classes.  These classes may or may not be recognized by BDU for credit, depending on the results of our audit of all classes.

The Five Mountain Zen Order has not authorized anyone to offer classes under the BDU name since 2021. Whoever is accessing our BDU website or Moodle platform to offer classes is doing so without Five Mountain’s authorization.

Until ownership of the “BDU” websites and Moodle platform are returned to Five Mountain, I cannot guarantee that any courses you are currently taking will be honored. The Five Mountain Governing Board is working with the people currently using the “BDU” name to facilitate a rapid return of assets. We will do our best to keep you informed as the situation progresses.

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding regarding whether the classes currently being offered by “BDU” are genuine, recognized classes. They are not.

Ven. Dr. Myodo Jabo
Chancellor, Buddha Dharma University

FMZO Office
Feb 14, 2023, 5:22 PM (19 hours ago)

Scott — Myodo’s new announcement just went out. Hopefully, it will assist you in your due diligence. We look forward to hearing from you.

Scott See <>
Feb 14, 2023, 5:25 PM (19 hours ago)


I would encourage you to hold off making any announcement. The courses are unchanged from when Ven. Wonji was at the helm.  So your claims of lack of genuineness don’t ring true.  Personally (and I say personally, because I have no authority whatsoever; I am just “the web guy” as well as student and teacher, but in reality, I have no decision making authority) I would recommend not pushing so hard as this sounds like your interests are more aligned with control rather than the turning the Dharma wheel.  Certainly, you must feel that teaching the Dharma is the top priority, not which legal entity is in control. As I write this, I fear my tone may be taken to be argumentative. Please know that this is not the case.  My highest priority is to promote Dharma teachings–and even as such, I say this with no authority over anything, as I am nothing but a participant in BDU and do not have any decision making capacity.  That being said, I may come across as passionate in my opinions.  This is because after Ven. Jeonchan went through three IT people who were unable to fix the corrupted Moodle software that had not been upgraded for way too long, I was able to resurrect BDU after investing many thousands of dollars worth of website work.  And Ven. Jeonchan also has invested her blood, sweat, and tears to make sure that BDU was resurrected, not for any personal gain, but for the sake of the students who benefit from the Dharma teachings.

In the spirit of resolving this, let’s please slow things down a bit so I have the opportunity to do my due diligence regarding your requests of me.  After all, as much as we are Dharma brothers, you and FMZO are a stranger to me, and I’m not prepared to hand over login credentials to a stranger without doing some due diligence.  I hope you are sympathetic to the position I’ve been put in here.  I’m just “the web guy.”  I’m just a student.  I’m just a teacher.  I have no aspirations.  I have no ego about this.  And I have no opinion at this point.

Thank you, and please accept this in the spirit in which I intend, caring for the Teachings, and caring to proceed with right view and right action.  I do not have nearly enough information to do either at this point.


FMZO Office
Tue, Feb 14, 8:15 PM (17 hours ago)
Hi Scott,

As often happens in situations like this, there are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation floating around. For instance, are you aware that I am an expert in Moodle and used to teach it at the University of Southern California School of Engineering and Computer Science for many years? Are you aware that early last year after Ven. Wonji passed the running of FMZO/BDU to me, I was in the middle of fixing Moodle and upgrading it when Anthony changed the passwords on me and locked me out? And that I had just given him a copy of the passwords on condition he promise not to change them? I am guessing you are unaware of all this.

Last year I had a team of colleagues in FMZO and elsewhere that were also well versed in Moodle and we were on schedule to get BDU reopened by last May/June, offering classes for the summer. So while I hear that you and Jeonchan did a lot of work, it was all entirely unnecessary since we had everything in hand before Anthony locked me out of the accounts. Our only concern was for the sake of the BDU students who benefit from the Dharma teachings, and it is a pity we were stopped for doing what was in the student’s best interests during Spring of 2022. But we are prepared to put that all behind us and move on rather than dwell on the past.

By the way, I have all the historic records of BDU here that Wonji was careful to transfer to me, which is another reason we should resolve this swiftly in the interests of the students who may wish to access their transcripts, etc.

For us, the Governing Board of FMZO, this isn’t about control in the sense you appear to mean it, it is about legal ownership of the two BDU websites. That for us is the key issue here that we are trying to get resolved at this time. The GoDaddy account is FMZO’s account, and I know that since when the password was changed to lock me out the account was in FMZO’s name with me as the contact instead of Wonji — as Wonji had asked me to do. It is unclear to us who believes they currently controls the GoDaddy account, but the simple fact is, legally it is FMZO’s account and we want access to it passed back to us as is entirely right and proper given the two domain names belong to FMZO.

As to BDU, we see no reason why it shouldn’t continue to run just as it is. Maybe you didn’t understand this was what I was suggesting?

Proposal for Settlement

As I say, the central concern for FMZO is that it be given back access to its GoDaddy account. We just need the password handed back to us, which is the right thing to do in the Dharma.

As to BDU, the moment we have access to our GoDaddy account again we propose that we send out a new BDU announcement saying everything has been resolved amicably and will continue just as it has been going, with FMZO assuring students and faculty alike that we are now in a position to confirm the current winter quarter classes are proper BDU classes that FMZO recognizes.

If you are agreeable — and I gather from Myodo you are? — we would like the BDU websites to continue on your servers with you running them and running Moodle as you have been doing. Essentially, nothing would change, There would be no ‘transition’ since there is nothing we are looking to transfer. This was never about ‘controlling’ BDU in the sense you seem to mean, so much as clarifying who owns it, which FMZO does.

We would also very much welcome Jeonchan continuing in some role, perhaps continuing to what she was doing in working with you. They only change in the near future that we can envisage is that since Myodo is the actual Chancellor of BDU, we shall have to work out a new title for Jeonchan. Hopefully, she would find that acceptable since as you say she has put all this work into it.

And to be clear, the legal demand that the attorneys had to make that no one use the domain names, access Moodle, etc., goes away the moment the GoDaddy account with the two domains in it is once again accessible by us.
So the only requests we have in order to resolve this issue are simply:

1) please give us the password to the GoDaddy account with the two domains in it,
2) please give us the login details for the BDU account on your server (and again this is not because we wish to change anything, just that as the legal owner of the websites and the Moodle database, we should have the login details),
3) we discuss what title Jeonchan will have going forward so we can mention it in the announcement,
4) you all agree to work with Myodo on the vision for the future of BDU (she has a lot of great ideas for its future)

How does that sound? It’s a reasonable proposal isn’t it? Let me know, since we really would like to get this resolved this week so that we can send out a new BDU announcement quickly to resolve any puzzlement that may have arisen due to the one we felt we had to send out today.

Last, we are deeply sorry to hear Jeonchan is unwell and that one of her dogs is sick too. We sincerely wish her a swift recovery and are holding a good thought for her dog.

If you’d like to discuss this, don’t hesitate to call me during the day tomorrow on my private line: 626 824 0097

Thank you for all you have done, and for all you do.

In the Dharma,
Ven Jinhye (Tim)
President, Five Mountain Zen Order
A Nevada Nonprofit Corporation

FMZO Office
6:53 AM (6 hours ago)

I will add one further thing. You say that what Jeonchan did was not for personal gain. If she hands over the passwords to FMZO’s GoDaddy account today then she will prove that what she did was not for personal gain. If, on the other hand. she continues to retain the GoDaddy account for her personal use as if she alone owns the two BDU domains, then she will have shown it was about her personal gain.

I appreciate she is not feeling well right now, and has is facing such sadness with her dog’s condition, but despite this I do hope she will see that it is in the Dharma to give FMZO back access to FMZO’s GoDaddy account.

In the Dharma,

Scott See <>
9:36 AM (3 hours ago)

re: “then she will have shown it was about her personal gain”

Dude, you really need to tone it down a bit.  You’re starting to piss me off.  First of all, your logic is absurd.  Secondly, this is a gratuitous, ad hominem attack, which is usually resorted to only by those without a stronger leg to stand on.  And thirdly, I am confident that you are wrong, having gotten to know Ven. Jeonchan very well through this whole ordeal.  There is no fame or gain with BDU.  There is just teaching the Dharma.

And lastly, I’m incredibly hard to piss off.  I have this delusion about myself that nothing pisses me off.  That you are proving me wrong pisses me off.  So I ask, in the spirit of an amicable and fast resolution, please dial it down a bit.


FMZO Office
9:47 AM (3 hours ago)

I’m sorry you feel that way. She is currently holding FMZO property as if it is her own property. How would you characterize that?

She was perhaps well intentioned when she took possession of our asset, but now she has had a formal request from attorneys to return it for two weeks and had known for two weeks she had no right to take possession of it.

Can we please calm down and just give FMZO back what belongs to it and get back to running BDU under FMZO for the benefit of our students?

Scott See <>
10:18 AM (3 hours ago)

re: “Can we please calm down and just give FMZO back what belongs to it and get back to running BDU under FMZO for the benefit of our students?”

  1. Maybe, but I have some questions first.
  2. How can I confirm that FMZO owns what you say it owns?  At this point, I only know what you’ve told me. Is there any paper trail to support this?
  3. Please send me the correspondence that led to the cease and desist letter.
  4. Who receives
  5. If does not go to the entire board of directors, have they been bcc’d on all this?  FYI, Ven. Jeonchan has been bcc’d on every email.
  6. Who is on the board and who are the officers?
  7. Who will be involved with managing BDU in the future?
  8. How do you see this proceeding amicably so that all parties involved are happy?

Scott See