I take great joy to hear Dharma teachings in offerings from other faiths.  Yiscah, in the YouTube video to the right, speaks of compassion, Interbeing, no-self, and devotion–all foundational teachings of Buddhism.  I made the following comments in her WhatsApp chat group:

I am 12 minutes into your YouTube video and I’m having the feeling that as air is the cheapest and the most important, compassion has the lowest cost and likewise, is the most important.

Now you’re talking about the porous boundary between us and everything else. As you speak of this, I hear Thich Nhat Hanh talking about Interbeing.

“waking up from the dream of a separate self” Wonderful!!!

It’s reassuring that Buddhism doesn’t not have a monopoly on wisdom and the truth.  To me, that lends support that the Dharma is indeed, a transcendent truth.