I once pondered the question, “What about me have I created all by myself?”  I came to the realization that everything about me comes from elsewhere.  There is not a single molecule, thought, feeling, idea, action, sensation, or anything that did not come about due to something outside of me.   It was an interesting feeling to come to this realization.  But so what?  It may be true; it may be interesting, but that and the price of tea in China aren’t particularly useful.  So in this morning’s meditation, I focused on the question, “What is the value of understanding emptiness or inter-being?”

I confess this focusing on this question was actually a homework assignment from the course I’m taking on mediation–this week’s subject is huàtóu.  So in pondering the value of understanding emptiness or inter-being, a thought arose, “In understanding inter-being, compassion and wisdom become one and the same.”

The odd thing is that I can’t explain this.  I believe this to be true, but I can’t explain it.  That’s so not like me.  Haha…


And my teacher's reaction to this

Dear one,
You are completely wrong in your thinking. Believing in things you understand is a perversion of the way – stop it! Not understanding is the way!
sending loving thought to an awakening Bodhi being!