Folks say that Zazen has no purpose. However, the sitting and practice and radical “goallessness” does have a purpose (a purpose which is best attained by dropping all hunger for purpose and attainment). The central aspect of this purpose is the dropping of “bodymind,” i.e., the little self with all its hungers, thoughts of “self/other” divisions, frictions, fears and sense of loss etc. etc. The result is the experience of flowing Wholeness and intra-identity of all things which is often called “emptiness” (empty of separate self-existence). Alone the way, we also discover an abiding Peace and Goodness, Stillness and Silence which is the world of peace/war, good/bad, motion/stillness, silence/noise. It is not really “bliss,” because Zen folks have no thirst or expectation for some “bliss” trip … but better might be described as a Joy (Big J) that is present even in this world of frequent smiles and tears, a Joy which is present even as our hearts sometimes break. We tend to avoid ideas of “witness” as just a distraction. No need for “infinite space” “witness” “radiant luminosity” when this apparently broken world turns out to be Whole and Sacred just as it is, right in its surface brokenness. There was never any thing to transcend, never anything to escape as in need of transcending, thus all is transcended.– Jundo Cohen


Or as I would say, “Striving without attachment.”