My most wonderfullest daughter invited me to join her for a tour of the Snohomish Medical Examiner’s Office.  BEST DAUGHTER EVER!!!


So I show up to a medical examiner’s office early for a tour.  They don’t get many visitors (live at any rate) so someone came to the reception to see what I was there for.   I said I was early for a tour and that my daughter invited me to tag along.  They said, “Oh, you must be Dominique’s dad.” I immediately thought to myself, “Holy sh&$, my daughter is on a first name basis with the local ME’s office.” Thought #2…  damn I’m proud.  That’s my daughter!!  Coolest tour ever.  I’m going to see if they’ll let me observe autopsies in action.   A Theravada monk told me about carnal meditation they do in Thailand where they sit with decaying corpses.  What a great lesson in impermanence and non-attachment.