There's one, singular, phasing consciousness in the universe phasing all beings.

Caesar Luis Romero, thank you for posting this. It was a great lesson for me. I read this and my first reaction was, “That’s a load of c%@p.” And then I saw people oohing and ahhing over the profundity of Schrödinger’s idea. And I thought to myself, “So this guy puts a cat in a box, and maybe in doing so he kills it, or maybe not. and that makes him an expert on universal consciousness? Hmmm… Sure, he’s from Austria. Sure, he’s got cool looking glasses. But really, give me a break. These thoughts happened rather quickly, and then my self awareness kicked in. I had to admit I was being arrogant and judgemental and intolerant. This struck me as somewhat ironic as it was me who said recently, “If you say the same thing 10,000 different ways, just maybe one of those will resonate for someone.” And I’m also the one who said that in everything, there is a truth. (Indeterminate article very deliberate there.) So I had to have a good laugh at myself and appreciate this all as a great lesson for me. I’ve come to view myself as a very non-judgemental person. I see that I hold that as a belief. And now I see my challenge is to shed that belief too and appreciate that I am not immune from hindrances arising from time to time. And I am grateful for all my teachers that I was able to observe myself relatively quickly and see what was happening for what it was. And to all of you who I thought were dumb for liking this post, I humbly apologize.