I got this email from Tim yesterday:

FMZO Office
Wed, Feb 22, 6:15 PM (15 hours ago)
to Jeonchan, me


Can you confirm that your fellow RMZC corporate officer and Vice President James Zisa is the same Carolina Beach attorney who was struck off in 2019 for having sex with clients and several other acts of malpractice?

Carolina Beach attorney disbarred

FMZO Board

I am in no way troubled by Jim’s past.  We’ve all made mistakes. I’ve made far worse than this. But for Tim to attack Jim on such a personal level is just plain old nasty.  I’m having a hard time thinking of Tim as a child of Buddha.  His nasty, personal attacks, his demanding attitude, his aggressive approach, and the stories I’ve heard which universally portray him as an egoic, unscrupulous person taint my feelings about him.  I continue to send him metta daily.  I shall continue to do so.  I look forward to the day Tim just goes away.